This is a big story, one I have been working on in pieces over the past few decades.  While some of the shorter pieces have found their way into the premier science fiction magazines and anthologies, it is now time to bring it all together.

  1. BulletPublished

  2. Bullet Written

  3. Bullet Outlined


In the near future, the shockwave arrives.


  1. Bullet Star Time (2011) The world changed when a nearby star went supernova, changing the nature of technology on Earth.  Unknown to nearly everyone, a brave couple hold the line against a race of scavengers who were ready to move in and make the survivors their prey.

The Little Dark Age

Humanity rebuilds, with the lesson learned; one Earth is too fragile.

  1. Bullet Kingdom of the Hill Country (2012) Barbarians are at the gates of the city-state of Austin, ready to bring down the struggling survivors -- unless the right choices can be made to turn the tide.

  2. Bullet Tales of the U’tanse The off-world humans struggle as slaves to the Cerik, forming their own culture and identity.

  1. Bullet The Iron War  The emergent new-tech nations and the new-bio nations struggle for domination, and make the same old mistakes.

The Project Era

The nations of Earth create the nation of Space, The Project, with its centuries-long goal.



  1. Bullet Green Tornado


The Belt

  1. Bullet Working Alone

  2. Bullet Tools of the Trade

  3. Bullet We Hold These Rights...


The Space Cities

  1. Bullet The Christmas Count


The Fleet

  1. Bullet Vector Sum

  2. Bullet Harvesting Hyperion

  3. Bullet Three Coffins

  4. Bullet The Comet Man's Tale



  1. Bullet Bad Blood

The Plague

When the prizes are whole worlds, some will overreach. When the weapons can kill worlds, who is safe?

  1. Bullet Humanicide

The Awakening

When the old technology comes into the hands of the illiterate survivors of three worlds, who is wise enough to lead?



  1. Bullet Alpine Duty

  2. Bullet High Quest

  3. Bullet Ascendant


The Return of the U-Tanse

Humanity struggles to re-unite its isolated tribes.

  1. Bullet The Warlock of Mars

  2. Bullet The Princess of Luna

  3. Bullet The Machine Mind of Ceres


The Expansion

Through the eyes of Kidd, the artificial human, the expansion of humanity into the galactic community is played out.

  1. Bullet Awakening

  2. BulletChildhood

  3. BulletForgiveness


The Project Saga