In addition to my novels published as trade paper, they are also available in a variety of e-Book formats.  New formats will be supported if I can be sure that the quality of the book won’t be compromised by crude automatic conversions.

Search for “Henry Melton” on any ebook web store.

E-Book Notes

About DRM.

A small publisher is often at the mercy of the merchants selling the books.  While I have always selected DRM-Free options wherever possible, many vendors do not currently support it.

To protect you, the reader, from being stuck with an abandoned format, I offer my author’s guarantee:

Send me proof of your purchase of my novel in an e-book format and what format you need it in, and I’ll send you a link to that file.  I currently support ePub, mobi, and PDF in DRM-free versions.  I also have access to other formats via the calibre conversion software, but I cannot guarantee quality conversions nor can I afford to spend the time to proofread all my novels in all possible formats.  I do have a small pool of reader-submitted conversions that I will use if the needed version is available.

Proof of Purchase?

I’m not trying to be difficult.  Here are some possibilities:

Screen capture of “Manage your Kindle” page

Email of acknowledgment of your purchase

Photo of the book displayed on your ebook reader

Send your request to:

Include your contact info, proof of purchase, title of the book, and which format you need.  Remember this is one guy processing his own email, so be patient.

-- Henry Melton