ISBN-13                      Title                            
978-0-9802253-0-3     Roswell or Bust        
978-0-9802253-1-0     Lighter Than Air       
978-0-9802253-2-7     Extreme Makeover   
978-0-9802253-4-1     Emperor Dad            
978-0-9802253-5-8     Golden Girl              
978-0-9802253-6-5     Falling Bakward        
978-0-9802253-8-9     Pixie Dust                 
978-0-9802253-7-2     Follow That Mouse  
978-0-9802253-9-6      Bearing Northeast    
978-1-935236-30-6      Star Time                 
978-1-935236-33-7      The Copper Room   
978-1-935236-39-9      Henry’s Stories: V1 
978-1-935236-36-8      Kingdom of the Hill Country
978-1-935236-42-9      Breaking Anchor
978-1-935236-48-1      Tales of the U’tanse

Look for recently published books and magazines in the bookstores that contain my works.  If you can’t find them on the shelves, feel free to ask the clerk if they can be ordered.  All of the novels can be ordered via the ISBN.

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